Support needed for childcare centre in Cairo

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Hope for Future“ (B. Salewski) in Cairo, Ägypten

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    A. CHAPPOT hat gespendet vor fast 6 Jahren
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    A. CHAPPOT empfiehlt das Projekt vor fast 6 Jahren
    I lived in Egypt for several years and I spent 1 year in Cairo working for the ICRC where I dealt with the problems of the refugees. Their is indeed a large number of refugees from Sudan living, or barely surviving, in Cairo. They come to Egypt believing they will be able to emigrate to USA, Canada or Australia. These countries accept a good number of refugees, but only among those whoses refugee status is recognized by the UNHCR in Cairo.
    All the others remain stranded in Cairo. Egypt is not a rich country and has problems supporting its own poor. And if you skin is darker than the one of Egyptians, it is even more difficult.
    Supporting this center looks like a very good idea.
  • C. Salewski
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    C. Salewski empfiehlt das Projekt vor fast 6 Jahren
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