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Ein Hilfsprojekt von „TSiBA Education: Entrepreneurship Centre“ (P. Kraan) in Cape Town, Südafrika

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P. Kraan (verantwortlich)

P. Kraan
Stan's Photography company description

Stan’s Photography began as a weekend hobby for professional photographer, Stanley Hickley. During his commute through the Witzenberg municipality in the Western Cape, Stanley noticed the community had no photography studios. He researched this rural community and found that the only photography service available to its residents was offered by a large Durban company that came in once a year to do school pictures.

As a market test, Stanley set up a stand in the center of the town, Ceres, offering to take portraits of people with his personal camera and provide laminated prints instantaneously with a portable laser printer. The result was explosive. Within the next few days, Stanley had people lining up in front of his stand, amazed at the advanced technology and affordability of his service.

Since then, Stanley has returned to the community on weekends taking photos and making significant profits. Weekends are spent at the stand in Ceres, servicing the large numbers of agricultural workers who commute into town from the farms to do their weekend shopping. During the week, Stanley schedules appointments to attend schools, farms, businesses, and individuals to photograph personal/group portraits and special events.

Who will benefit from Stan’s Photography

Families, schools, and larger businesses make up the largest portion of the market for Stan’s Photography. There are approximately 84,000 people in the greater Witzenberg municipality with about 40,000 of those concentrated in the Ceres area.

Most of the people in this region are very poor and do not have access to any sort of photography services. Witzenberg is extremely rural and technology, in large part, has not made its entrance. Photography is a novelty for this market, and physical preservation of memories is something these residents cherish regardless of their cultural or economic background.

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Ort: Cape Town, Südafrika

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