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Finanziert Central Methodist Skills Training Projects

Johannesburg, Südafrika

Finanziert Central Methodist Skills Training Projects

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Skills Training for Refugees staying at the Central Methodist and support to generate income by using these skills.

P. Foley von Methodist Church of Southern Africa Central DistNachricht schreiben

The Central Methodist Mission works with people who are displaced, homeless, poor and unemployed in the City of Johannesburg.

At present we provide temporary accommodation and assistance to more than 3 000 people, most of whom are refugees from Zimbabwe. One of the values we promote most to those who are staying with us is: Keep learning.

Many of the people staying at the Mission are highly skilled - yet unable to find work in Johannesburg. Many others are without skills or have had their education interupted when they were forced to leave their homes.

The Central Methodist Mission works closely with people who have skills to set up training projects where others are trained and income generation opportunities established.

Three of the skills projects which are succeeding in both training people and enabling them to generate an income with the skills are:

Catering and Waitering Training.
Over the past year more than 80 people have written their exams, graduated and found work in the food and service sector. At present, another 15 people who stay at Central engaged in training.

Leather Work
Six people are being trained in the craft of leather work by a skilled artisan. They are then networking through the local markets and shops to sell their products.

Bead Work
Ten people are participating in classes run by expert "beaders". They then network through the local markets and shops to sell their products.

The classes are all run in the building - and the basic equipment for the training has been donated to the Central Methodist Mission.

The costs of the project include replacing the materials and paying a stipend to the trainers. Learners work with formal training institutions to undertake their assessments.

It costs R300 (Euros 25) per month to support a learner in these projects.

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