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Beendet Peter Pan Theatre Project

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in Jenin, Palästina

In this bold, lively and dynamic adaptation, music, dance and acrobatics will be combined in a production that is both thought provoking and inspiring as well as entertaining and engaging.

R. Arqawi
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Über das Projekt

Towards the beginning of 2013, we wish to begin work on the production of Peter Pan. Peter Pan or “The Boy Who Would Never Grow Up” premiered in 1904 and has been continuously in production throughout the world ever since. This immensely popular story has been selected due its popularity but also because it is open to interpretation, giving the creative team a lot of room to play around with. We believe that community members are particularly drawn to stories that are fantasy in nature, offering an opportunity of escapism. Although a children’s story, Peter Pan is accessible to all people, allowing us to reach young and old within the communities the theatre serves.
In a brand new adaptation of J. M. Barrie’s novel of Peter Pan themes of freedom, identity and childhood are explored through the eyes of Palestinian youth. A group of young people band together in a world of danger and violence where stability and safety do not exist. Together they build a haven of freedom where they make their own rules and where their imaginations can run wild. In this new world they play, create and explore the happiness of childhood. However the reality of where they are from is forever looming, constantly threatening to shatter the bubble they have built. As their world begins to be falling to pieces this production asks the question, can innocence of youth prevail against a grown world of danger and violence?