Finanziert Life Saving Surgery

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Multiple Childbirth Support Foundation“ (A. Ekeanyanwu) in Abuja, Nigeria

A. Ekeanyanwu (verantwortlich)

A. Ekeanyanwu
This ia a sick mother of twins. She has a tumour that needs to be operated on. She has been in pain for about a year and cannot work to support her children. As a result her children are malnourished. The fear is that if the tumuor is not removed, it could lead to her death. She does not have the money for the operation and her husband is unemployed. Our foundation has been supporting them since the birth of the twins but do not have the required amount for the surgery. The surgery will save her life and enable her to work again in order to support her family. The biggest challenge is raising the money for the surgery.

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Ort: Abuja, Nigeria

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