Blockiert Freedom not Fear 2013

Ein Hilfsprojekt von K. Fiedler in Brüssel, Belgien

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K. Fiedler (verantwortlich)

K. Fiedler
The past two Freedom not Fear events were a great success!

Organisations and individuals from 11 EU member states participated in the "Freedom Not Fear 2012" to raise their voice for better privacy safeguards, to protest against emerging surveillance measures and to exchange views on data protection and digital rights. Three days of the barcamp-like conference were filled with meetings, lectures and discussions.

Now we need your help with the next one - it is scheduled for 4-7 October 2013! We are crowdfunding the upcoming event in order to be able to organise the next Freedom not Fear and to return to the same great location in Brussels.

We need your support to:
- rent several meeting rooms at mundo-b in Brussles
- print posters/flyers/info material
- buy conference supplies

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Ort: Brüssel, Belgien


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