Beendet The Ghana Down Syndrome Education Centre

Ein Hilfsprojekt von „Together Ghana-NGO“ (N. Dumahasi) in Hohoe, Ghana

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N. Dumahasi (verantwortlich)

N. Dumahasi
Having to cope with incurable life condition such as Down Syndrome can be a nightmare for many. Unlike the develop countries where special provision is made to ensure adequate support, innocent children with Down Syndrome and their families in Africa especially suffer exclusion, discrimination and stigma. In Ghana, people with Down Syndrome are often considered as mad people and their families also have to cope with the stigma and discrimination coupled with lack of knowledge on the condition and how to manage it. To many families it’s a disgrace to have a family member suffer this health condition. Unfortunately, families and Ghanaians at large lack knowledge on the condition and its effective management mechanism. This is what the 5 member project team seeks to address.
The project intends to establish special education centre for 100 Down Syndrome children in Volta Ghana. The centre will also make provisions for special health attention and also serve as a case management and training center for affected families to cope with the condition. With your continuous support, we will overcome the financial difficulties to put up a structure that ensure that children with Down Syndrome enjoy a comfortable learning environment, enjoy regular nutritious meals, special health attention and their families well informed to cope with the condition when at home and finally restore hope with a smile on the face of children suffering Down Syndrome.

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Ort: Hohoe, Ghana

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