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Finanziert Small shelter needs help

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in Nis, Serbien

Help in food and veterinary care for small shelter in Nis, Serbia

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Über das Projekt

Small Shelter is a private animal shelter located in Niš, Southern Serbia. The shelter does not have any official status, as acquiring this is a costly business in Serbia, and it was founded in 2006 by Ljubica Gavrić, Olja Hoffman and Slađana Stojković. The conditions under which it operates are quite basic and as such there is no running water or electricity supply available. The shelter has a pump and it is heated by burning wood in a stove or open fireplace, while lighting is provided by candles and an oil lamp.

October 26, 2013 - There are currently 17 dogs (all females are spayed) and 4 cats. Some of the doghouses are purpose-built structures while others have been improvised from kitchen units. Due to not having a fence around the property, dogs are kept on a 3 meter long chains (funds for building a fence are in the process of collecting and we hope shelter will soon be secured and dogs could be released to freely sniff the ground). Sladja also feeds 5 or 6 street cats in front of her building. She is trying to spay them all, and have them cleaned from parasites.

Cost of feeding the animals in small shelter are between €150-200 per month. Costs of vetting depend if there are dogs or cats for vaccination or if some get ill and the veterinarian needs to come out and give them therapies. Cost of feeding the street cats in front of Sladja’s building are cca 30€, but spaying them and treating against parasites costs more.

FB page:

Any help is hugely appreciated. Please follow our work on our fb page where we post new photos each week and update on how animals are doing.

Thank you for your help!