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Stabilisierung der Stromversorgung mittels einer Solaranlage.

Ein Projekt von Zukunft für Bweyas Kinder e.V.
in Kajjansi, Uganda

Children Safe Uganda pays a lot of money for the monthly energy supply, including power cuts and uncertainty of power supply during raining season. Zukunft für Bweyas Kinder e.V. would like to help CSU by finding sponsors of this crucial project.

Nico Schumann
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Über das Projekt

CSU spend approximately UGX 600,000 every month and approximaletly UGX 8M every year on maintaing constant electricity supply at BCH alone, which is not even reliable. This amount is far too high compared to the purposes it being used. This electricty power is used only for lighting the bulbs in the children's houses , powering the offfice computers, printers, flat irons and Television sets.  We would like to use power in the kitchen to cook children's food so as to save the staff and children from the big problem of bad smoke coming out of firewood which is used now and causes a great risk of falling sick to lung diseases. Because of the high power costs, we cannot add another purpose. Therefore, while thinking of a comprehensive solution to the problem of unstable and unreliable power, we resolved and considered installation of Solar power as the best alternative. 

CSU spends a lot of money on electricty supply at the facility, yet this electricty is not reliable at all.  We hope that by installing solar power, we would be able to solve the problem of using costly and risky firewood in cooking children's food by sustituting it with solar powered cookers and ovens. Having our own power supply, we will be able to cut on the monthly/ annual expenditures o n this. 

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