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Verbesserung der Wasserversorgung im Waisenhaus

Ein Projekt von Zukunft für Bweyas Kinder e.V.
in Kajjansi, Uganda

The water system on the property of the children home does not work any more. The watertank and the pipelines are broken and funding for repairing/ renewal is missing.

Nico Schumann
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Über das Projekt

The water harvesting and running system broke down approximately 8 years ago after the pipelines and the underground water Tank developed cracks and unable to store harvested water anymore. The system was last repaired 15 years ago and stopped due to shortage of funds. This was later worsened by the collapse of the pipelines that used to lead the water into the tank. Many of the pipes which are still under the ground appear to be blocked after filling with soil. All the houses at BCH have gutters but unfortunately when it rains, this water has to pour out on the ground because it has no way it can go down into the water tank.

Harvesting the rain water has one major benefit for CSU. During the time when the tank underground tank was in operation, the cost of water was down by 56. We hope that when the water tank is repaired and the other running systems are worked upon, CSU will cut down its expenditure on water by 60% especially during the rainy seasons.