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Habibi works community garden

Ein Projekt von Soup and Socks e.V.
in Ioannina , Griechenland

Habibi works Garden: A community Garden for Refugees, Greek locals and international volunteers in Ioannina, North West Greece.

mimi h.
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Über das Projekt

We are Habibi.Works, a fab lab for refugees, Greek locals and international experts based 200 meters from Katsikas refugee camp in Ioannina, North West Greece.  In Habibi works we work at eye level with the community offering the skills and the technology for people to engage, learn and grow through the creative process.
Our once prized community garden has succumb to neglect following a year of Covid 19 lockdown and restrictions that prevented any community engagement.
Our proposition is to return the garden to its former glory whilst embracing principles of permaculture and long term sustainability.  Our aim is to be able to yield produce for our community kitchen which has also been closed due to covid restrictions. In the past the kitchen would cook for upwards of 100 people daily and was open to all people using the space. All of the produce grown in the garden would go towards the community kitchen.
We want to see this happen again, but we need funds and tools!
Here's what we need:

-Grass cutter €390
-Sapling funds-5 unit- €100
-Hoes- 5ps- €125
-Spades- 5pc- €125
-New plastic for green house 2Mx120M- €200
-Straw 10 bail- €25
-5 Chickens- €50
-Chicken feed- €200
-Miscellaneous needs- €200

Total= €1,415