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Tropical Health Foundation

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Über uns

The Tropical Health Foundation of India is a nonprofit charitable voluntary organization functioning at Kunnamkulam/ Thrissur District/ Southindia and was founded by Dr.K. Jacob Roy and late Maj. A.V. Thomas in 1986.

Since 1992 supplying artificial limbs and orthodontic appliances has been a major thrust area of our programme. The workshops made a humble beginning with 64 cases during that year have now crossed several thousand cases in the year 2011.
A Special School for the Mentally Challenged was set up in 1990 and got the recognition from the department of public Instruction, Government of Kerala in 1999.
Our children are coming to T.H.F.I everyday for physiotherapy and special education. Vocational training in tailoring for the deaf girls and training in Screen-printing for boys was also started later.

The major objectives of the Tropical Health Foundation of India are to provide health care, identification and rehabilitation of the disabled, care of elderly and promote appropriate technology. To achieve these goals we are.

- Providing supportive services such like physio-, speech- and hearing therapy for physically challenged.

- Running Prosthetic & Orthotic Workshop where we treat amputees and other physically disabled. Here we provide artificial limbs, motorized upper limbs, calipers and body braces.

- Running a day school for the mentally challenged with vocational training.

Our NEWEST project is to build a second hospital complex to meet the substantial need of those children with verbal communication and hearing problems in combination of disabilities mostly.
The present situation are full waiting rooms, less space and small facilities to host and counsel the parents AND provide the weekly training sessions for the children.

The dream we follow is a double storied building will be subdivided into the doctor’s consulting room for patients based at the ground floor and a nursery for speech and hearing; an audiologist room and a sound proof room of speech therapy; at the second floor. Altogether the handicapped accessible construct includes a total plinth area of 614, 66 square meters and is going to support the patients with stairs and a ramp to access the second floor to facilitate future expansion easily which our hospital at present is not able to do.

The future hospital could finally provide

• Auditory training
• Speech and language therapy

for children with
Mental retardation
Hearing impairment
Visual impairment
Multiple disabilities

Every idea needs a first step which we are taking right in this moment to register....
if you are interested to visit us and have a look yourself you are more then welcome.

Sonja, a German social worker had been with us and is open for any questions considering the new hospital: sonja_falke@gmx.de


Guruvayur Road

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