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  sober s.  21. Februar 2012 um 10:49 Uhr

Nisha and Samir, aged five and four, have a very sad story. Both children were born withglaucoma, a severe eye disease that usually only affects the elderly. Because of thisdisorder, they need constant attention from their mother, and lots of money to paymedical bills. If their disease is left untreated, the children will go blind.Unfortunately, four months ago, Nisha and Samir’s father, Aasir Ali, died, along with twoof his brothers in a tragic electrocution accident. This left the family that was alreadyliving hand to mouth without a breadwinner. Because Nisha and Samir’s condition requiresconstant care, their mother is unable to work. And the extended family is not available toprovide for them, as many of them are unemployed and also living in poverty back in theirnative village.Nisha and Samir live in a small hut in the slums with their mother, Shabira, a woman ofonly 24 years. They can barely afford food to eat, much less the cost of their medical bills.Everything they receive is from charity, with HOPE Worldwide providing their onlyprotection.



New Delhi

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