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  Christoph M.  18. August 2014 um 12:31 Uhr

Dear contributors,
i have just forwarded the donations we received for the Art Therapy Project, although we are still far from reaching the goal of funding the new facilities your contribution is helping the project to stay alive. Artists in Kenya are facing many challenges and even more a charitable project like this. Sane and Eunice, the facilitators of the project, are contributing whatever they have to keep the art classes running but at the moment have difficulties to sustain the running costs. With your donations you are helping them to buy art supplies and some snacks for the ever growing classes. Every saturday children from the area are gathering to learn techniques like printing, drawing, dying and sculpturing while having a good time together, discuss topics of concern for many of them like poverty, injustices, violence and tribalism. But while discussing those topics helps them to see they are not alone and that their voice is heard by someone, expressing their feelings and concerns in the process of creating a piece of art is a great opportunity to actually face their problems and experience a sense of self-efficacy. Between 20 to 40 kids are choosing to spend a day of the week coming to the art classes and every time I am visiting the classes the sincerity and fun those kids are showing while attending is impressive. I hope donations will continue to trickle through and help keeping this good and much needed work to flourish. Asante sana (thanks alot) for believing in this cause!
I will attend this site more frequently in the future as other obligations which kept me from doing so are becoming less demanding. Please stay with us and I am happy to answer any questions and inquiries on the project you may want to come forward with.
Best regards, Chris

Es wurden 220,00 € Spendengelder für folgende Bedarfe beantragt:

Construction site 220,00 €


Upper Kabati