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NAB-PNM, Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind

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Über uns

The centre is more than 44 years organization working for the rehabilitation of the visually challenged, more so for them who got recently blind for any reason. Since last six years academic section too has been opened till std. viii with further facilities to prepare for higher classes, even for graduate college.
It is registered with the commissioner of charities Rajasthan and Mumbai and has 80g income tax certificate and also ISO 2009.
t is housed in a sprawling area of nearly 2.75 acres and was donated by Mrs. Khursheed Barzor Ghardha to National Association for the Blind, Mumbai, Worli Sea Face. It went down in repute gradually till resurrected six years back by the present team of management. Since then it is progressing at a fast pace with the help of many but still needs to to do more to not to restrict to provide just charity but charity with quality! In this regard we approach generous souls and organizations to provide help for various projects on anvil.
Till now we have repaired most of the old edifice and have provided a DAISY studio for electronic books recording to be distributed FREE, a computer lab for the blind, a DHABA TRAINING UNIT one of its kind in the world to train the blind to run road side restaurant and finally a Studio Theater for multipurpose use by the blind of the nation and from overseas.
We are keen to renovate the hostel facilities for the students and also to provide facilities to more students than now ie. 40.


Delwara Raod
Mount Abu

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