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Kronendal Music Acadamy of Hout Bay

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Über uns

The Kronendal Music Academy was formed to address the ongoing lack of cultural stimulation which faces the youth and the community as a whole in Hout Bay. KMA's main focus has always been to provide music education in as many forms and styles as possible to Hout Bay's under-privileged and economically challenged communities, while fostering a platform from which to initiate racial and social interaction and integration amongst the three very distinct communities in the area:

•Imizamu Yethu informal settlement
•The Hangberg fishing village
•The affluent 'valley' residents

While there are many professionals from various walks of life involved in the administration, funding and development of the Academy, the nature of our specific organisation is that it requires a creative and innovative approach in order to secure a viable future which helps to realise the vision of the KMA family.
Starting from scratch, KMA initiated individual music tuition, group activities, ensembles, workshops and community events, as well as a Youth Choir of 65 pupils. Since day one, all of our activities have successfully united members from the three areas and the Academy has become synonymous with integration development.


Andrews Road
Hout Bay, Cape Towm

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