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Kwa watoto centre

wird verwaltet von N. Ndeta

Über uns

kwa watoto centre is situated in the slums of Soweto Kayole Area , we have 850 children from kindergarten to class eight while our high school division ( st. Mathew high school has 600 students form one to four.
Soweto is a slum which has many children not going to school despite the free primary education adopted by the government in 2003.
this is because the public schools are far from the slum, and still charge money to attend school , and most children in soweto lack the basic needs like food and would like to attend school when they have something in their stomachs thus lunch time feeding programme being crucial in our centre.
Most families like on less than a dollar daily and some do not have means of earning even that dollar , yet most households are huge with five children and above , some holds are headed by children themselves thus complicating issues more , some by single mothers who are infected by HIV /Aids , some by grandmothers etc.
students who graduate from our primary in most cases will proceed to St. mathew high school ,
we are looking for funding to furnish a lab , make shelves in the lab,fume chamber ,wash basins and some apparatus for secondary .
lunch time feeding for all the children in primary and secondary divisions , this meal is the only sure meal most of this children have .
Please help put a smile on their faces with 8 euros per month per help the food fund at kwa watoto.and st. mathew secondary


kayole soweto -Nairobi

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