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empowering cameras- wasiymi wasiki

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Über uns

Equip youth to be entrepreneurial and independent, contributing to the enrichment of their family and community.

Transform education to offer opportunities for the empowerment of marginalized youth. We partner with community and educational agents, local authorities, and volunteers.

We are a non-profit organization with ethical, humanistic, tolerant values. We are directly linked with the community, with locals, and with people from outside the country.

We intend to promote physical and psychological changes through intercultural dialogue and direct participation with each involved member of the project.

We do this because there is a need for focused help and we are part of the solution to these problems, incorporating the global community. It is necessary that we all form part of this movement for the good of society.

We work for rural communities, children and adolescents who live in extreme poverty.

Wasiymi Wasiki is a small but growing network of dedicated people from Peru and abroad, founded in 2008. Wasiymi is based in Lima, Peru but also works in the Andes near Huancayo.


Jr. Luís Agurto 247
Urbanización Elio, Cercado Lima

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