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power Minds Youth Organisation

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Über uns

Power Minds Youth is a non profit Community based youth led Organization initiated and designed to improving the livelihood and well being of disadvantaged young people between the age of 15 to 35 and their communities. Its located and operates in Kasanje Subcounty Wakiso district and nsambya Jua Kali Crafts market in Kampala with its liaison offices on Plot 15 Buganda Road
It was first established by the youth and registered under the government registrar of entities in June 2009 as Power Minds Youth Club and registered on 30th November 2010 as a community based organisation under the laws and NGO act of Uganda registration number WCBO/1317/11 mainly to focus on:
Training and Vocational Skills development among the youth
Unemployment among the youth due to lack of creativity and innovation
Safe drinking water in Communities
Solid waste management in the communities
ICT/IT development among young people
Reproductive health among young people ie HIV/AIDS counselling/guidance,early pregnancies among young girls.
Promotion modern agricultural practices for the youth in rural areas
Arts,crafts and culture preservation and development among young people
Entrepreneurship development among young people( entrepreneur to entrepreneur system development
Youth engaged or would like to start up small business activities, Disabled youth, Widows/Single young mothers, orphans, Youth living with HIV/AIDS, Youth engaged in Agriculture in rural Communities, Youth developing or making subsistence artisan products, Drug or Alcohol addicted
However young mothers and girls take up 60% of the targeted benefits and priorities since they comprise the biggest number of youth in our group.
Empower young people with practical life time skills for self sustainability and also help reduce high levels of unemployment in their communities
Respect,integrity,Stewardship and Responsibility

Provide a new generation of dynamic Ugandan young people by actively providing support to Mini and small scale youth activities to enhance their productivity, growth and competitiveness in their communities.
Mobilize,train and empower young people economically and socially through practical vocational life time skills for self sustainability
Mobilize available technical and financial assistance suitable for different activities for the benefit of the youth and their communities.
Reduce the high levels of unemployment among the young people through creating opportunities that are geared towards job creation,creativity and innovation among their communities
Train the youth to do business on Fair Trade through training fair trade principles i.e. paying a fair wage promptly, respect the environment, empower the marginalized, train and build skills and trade honestly and transparently.
Enhance productivity and put resources, products and services together in bulk in order to attract a bigger market for selling and increased youth community participation to alleviate poverty.
Enhance youth participation in the development of income generating activities in order to raise their standard of living and their families.
To network the youth of Uganda to other youth throughout the world so that they can interact and share knowledge and experience Around the world.
To engage in activities geared towards prevention and reduction of drug abuse, child abuse STD'S/HIV/AIDS and promotion of reproductive health among the youth.
Engage in activities that support and enhance cultural preservation among young people as a way of social development
1. Annual General Assembly
Full Members
Corporate Members/Development Partners/Donors
Affiliate Members
2. Board
Vice Chairperson
Secretary on board
5Members(Human Resource,Mobilisation Desk,Women Desk,Project Manager,Public Relations Reproductive Health Desk)
2.Secretariat ( Day to day Management of Power minds youth organisation)

Our current and ongoing activities
1.Training and increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS among the youth where we train Peer educators, Distribute Condoms, Sanitary Pads to the girls since many girls in the village cannot afford buying them hence using dirty clothe tone from their blouses and dresses, we also distribute published materials in the village about reproductive health.
We work with other development agencies in Kasanje subcounty and the community as a whole.
2. Talent Development (Co-curricular activities)
-This involves developing the sportsmanship and sports girl among the youth where youth are trained in skills of football through our formed team termed as BACELONA for both boys team and girls netball team and giving constant support to them and facilitation. This has been done through a volunteer sports coach, we have over 20 young people training in sports both boys and girls.
-Music dance and drummer where the kids are trained to compose songs, sing rhythms and developing the talent of music in them which helps them get busy away from doing bad things as a result of being idol. We have managed to form Kasanje drummer group which can be hired by anyone who has a cultural festival and would like some performances on his or her festival. This will help the youth earn income from their Music talent for their personal development. We have over 15 young people in this group both boys and girls. This training is done by a Volunteer from the sub county division during his free time
3. Developing the youth Community Centre for young people in Kasanje Sub county we hope to begin this project in march and it will run for 6 month.
Work needed: Painting, Installing strong and permanent doors and windows, Refurbish the roof, Plaster the floor, working on the ceiling ,and Installing solar energy.
What the Centre Will be composed of:
-Meeting Point
-Skills Training and Development Centre
-Resource Centre i.e. Computers for kids with internet, books, newspapers and other reading materials
-Entertainment Centre ( music dance and drummer rehearsal room)
-HIV/AIDS counselling and guidance room
-Product development and collection centre
Planned Activities
1. Skills Training and Development
In this we will train the young people through various projects:
-Computer basic knowledge and use, where we expect the young people in Kasanje village to learn how to use computer applications and internet
-Textile Development Project, where we will train the young girls to use sewing machines to develop marketable products that can earn them income and the boy will learn to weave organic cotton textile materials on a Hand weaving Loom this will help them learn how to develop textile products that can be marketable in the markets around the world
-Basketry Weaving and Cluster Project, young people will learn to make baskets from organic raw materials that are environmentally friendly can be sold in different markets This will help them earn income to improve their well-being
-Commercial Agricultural Skills development, This we plan to have a Project termed: Send a “Pig Project” in this we hope to train youth to rear pigs on large scale for commercial purposes and after distribute 1 piglet to each youth and when it multiplies he or she extents a piglet to another youth which will eventually see many youth earning income from pig rearing. However will also hope to train them in Poultry farming and goat rearing.
-Jewelly Making and Designing( Paper Beads for a Living Project), in this the young girls and boys will learn to make and develop beads from recycled papers that can help them earn a living.
-Detergents for a clean Living environment Project. In this we hope to train the young people to make soap on a small scale, making Detergents on small scale, making school chalk on small scale and school exercise books on a small scale. This project will widely help the young people in Kasanje earn a living since all these are widely used in households and schools.
Plot 15 Buganda Road
OFFICE +256 414 375 258
MOBILE +256 774 360 587
+256 700362058
+256 774023884

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  N. Ssenjala  03. Februar 2014 um 14:23 Uhr

This donation goes to the kids of kasanje youth center to organisae their 2014 new years party. Thank you Heftrich and Mr Fleischer for this donation.

A donation amount of €200.00 was requested for the following needs:

Cement €200.00


Plot 15 buganda Road