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The goals are for these children to remain on par with their classmates during their prolonged absence from school. In coordination with the Ministry of Education and in cooperation with academic specialists, these children are given, via games, language, math, reading, thinking skills and more, based on their individual needs.


Each group of 10 children will participate in a 25-week (50-hour) educational program which takes place in the hospital. A trained instructor assists the children throughout the program. Each child will be given a unique educational computer program with accompanying educational games that can be played at different levels of difficulty. A major part of the program includes accompanying material and workbooks to enhance learning. Focus is placed on making the learning process fun since most participants are preoccupied with their situation and conventional methods of learning are unable to hold their attention. In situations where the child is immobile, or in isolation, a lap top computer is brought to them directly and instruction is given individually.

In addition, each child will be given a complete set of CDs of the course, box games, crayons and writing utensils.

For each group a fun day will be organized to include a magician, medical clown or special performance – whichever best suits the needs of the particular group.

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We received a payout of €312.00

  U. Lehavi  30. März 2023 um 08:56 Uhr

Mit der Spende wird das Bartali Youth Movement das Gespendeter Geld in neuen Mountainbike investieren können für die Teilnehmenden Jugendlichen des Projektes. Wir danken unser Unterstützer für die Spende!



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