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Traveller Not Tourist

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Über uns

Traveller Not Tourist is a volunteering organisation based in Arequipa, Peru. We currently have two projects: an after-school program (Flora Tristan Community School) and an orphanage housing about 19 children under the age of 10 (Casa Hogar Luz Alba). The after-school program is located in an extremely under-resourced area on the outskirts of the city. It takes place in our purpose-built school, aiming to give the children a better education and self confidence, in the hope that they can realize their own potential and create a better reality for themselves. Volunteers at the orphanage help out with day-to-day tasks such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, and of course, playing with the children. We have a great Volunteer House close to the center of Arequipa. Check our website for more details:

Our mission is to give foreigners visiting Peru the opportunity to be involved in the true Peruvian reality and to give Peruvians the opportunity to improve their quality of life. We believe in the possibility of a better world and that we can all contribute to creating it.

Our primary concern in our work is the needs of the children with whom we work. We, of course, also work hard to ensure that our volunteers have a rewarding experience, using the skills and passions they bring with them to enrich the lives of the children.We are a non-profit organisation. All donations are used directly in projects or for legitimate organisation needs. The minimal administration fee we charge volunteers is used to employ the staff we need to run the organisation efficiently (on reasonable wages).


Santa Catalina 115A, Third Floor, Office 8

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