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Chibolya Education & Health organisation zambia

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Donate for Food supplies

  Innocent K.  24. April 2016 um 10:19 Uhr

It all started by surprise! A local donor donated food supplies to chibolya memrial school, a school run by chibolya education & Health organisation in mazabuka zambia.He gave gave 100USD to purchase 5 bags of mealie meal ,soya and 2 rice to feed 245 pupils .It stared as a joke but ended into reality later.the food was bought and children were provided with meals supplements in january till march,2016.This was the start of the feeding program at chibolya.Over 137 girls and 108 bys at the schoolbenefited from the food.

We want to thank the donor for this help and the program began and will continue till december.we ask you all to donate to chibolya to lives for children who came to school without a a meal.It is not believable that these children strive to attain an opportunity but due to social problems ,they are not able to.So with you help, all will be a thing of the past.

secondly,another glimpse of good news is that a new classroom block was completed late last year .This was made possible by another generous donor who helped with funding of 1 x 2 classroom block and an office to ensure all children are accommodated.He believed that education is the only key for these children to have a good future.Once again thank you.

so we ask to help us again in 2016 by build a library for children to stud from and computer room for ICT.

Lastly we thank you all for helping our children and its our hope that you will continue helping us in future.



John Kerry Road,Mazabuka

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