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Über uns

CIDS 4 KIDS is a Children Integrated Development Services (CIDS) project . CIDS 4 KIDS is tailored to meets the needs of the street kids, orphans and underprivileged children.

CIDS 4 KIDS project invests in children future now. Your international support is needed to take the street children out of the street, to invest in street children, to help the orphans and the underprivileged kids in communities. CIDS 4 KIDS need your perpetual donations for these kids. CIDS 4 KIDS project invest in KIDS education, health,nurturing, caring and advocacy. The tomorrows future shall be determine by today’s children.CIDS 4 KIDS project works to transform the lives of children affected by extreme poverty, hunger, illness, persecution, abuse, and neglect. Our projects focus on helping some of the most disadvantaged, socially excluded, and vulnerable children and young people in Freetown and Port Loko , Sierra Leone. The children and families we work with come from backgrounds of abject poverty, family breakdown, abandonment, and abuse. They are often forced to live on the streets, working and begging for money for food, in conflict with local residents and the police. Many resort to substance abuse as a means of escaping hunger which pervade their daily lives. We believe that these children have the capacity and desire to transform their lives, and CIDS 4 KIDS want to operates several programmes designed to help them do so: • Outreach Programmes for Vulnerable Children: preventing children from ever going to the street and rehabilitating those who are already on the street:


COLLINS .F. RICH ( Programme Coordinator)


51 0ff upper philip Street
Sierra Leone

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