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Women in School Association / Women in School Vere

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Über uns

Our Vision of Women in School (WIN)

A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, not as the strongest. We all together want to support the ones who never finished first level education. Women who sometimes have a family and children who do not go to school. WIN likes to encourage parents to send their children to school and to continue their own education.

"Only the educated are free" - Epictetus (55 AD - 135 AD)

WIN wants to be seen as an open but independent school and project platform for women, volunteers and supporters from around the world for adult education.

The WIN framework shall consists of the organization, procedures and people to consistently deliver a high quality of education to adult females in metropolitan areas.

WIN wants to establish a chain of support to consistently provide easy assess to basic education for women in developing countries.

WIN believes in the power of the individual and in the power of the world.

We like to teach women how to read and write and develop the understanding that literacy and self-education (reading) is a keystone for better quality of life – education never stops.

WIN provides the environment, teachers and curriculum for education classes.

WIN also wants to provide volunteers and supporters a project environment to realize individual and/or joint goals to bring the WIN idea forward.


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