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Taichung PAWS

wird verwaltet von C. Tugwell

Über uns

I have a vision of a warm, quiet, library-esque environment. Different corners for audio books, reading, educational displays, videos, puzzles, learning tools...everything with a slant towards animals. Mainly companion animals but other animals too. Volunteer English speakers to keep things quiet and help kids explore and understand the resources.

There would be a pool of foster volunteers, who would bring their foster animals to the Education Centre in the mornings on a schedule and pick them up in the evenings. This way, visitors would get the chance to meet companion animals and get used to being around them. They would learn about them and how to take care of them, and we also have a rooftop for walks, games etc.

There would be students from local animal husbandry courses getting work experience, by taking care of any TPAWS foster animals in the building on a daily basis.

The TPAWS Adoption System woudl be supported by volunteers and students of the Centre who would help to create adoption profiles, adoption boards and help advertise our monthly adoption event on the roof at the shop.

TPAWS would ask for a donation to enter and use the Education Centre. I think that during the week the Centre will be mainly used by school field trips and in the afternoons and evenings as an alternative to buxiban. At the weekend I expect more families, local and foreign. People who for whatever reason can't keep a pet at home but want their kids to have the experience of being at ease with animals, and also more students who want a relaxed English environment in which to complete school homework etc.

This would all run in parallel to the Honey's Friends business which would be run by paid staff and myself in the same building but on a different floor. I believe that with help, this is all possible. I have the ideas but I can't do it by myself.


25 Chung Ming Road

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