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Family Support Community Based Initiatives FASCOBI

wird verwaltet von M. Angienda

Über uns

Family Support Community Based Initiatives (FASCOBI) is a registered organization working in the rural areas of Kenya. FASCOBI improves the standards of living for children and women. FASCOBI's office is in Rongo township in Western Kenya, Nyanza Province in Migori county. The activities of FASCOBI in Rongo include: child protection, micro finance and social business activities for women, teenage mothers and children, kitchen gardens and farm schools for demonstration. In Child Protection we sensitize the community on children rights and responsibilities, respond to the needs of children in distress by providing psychosocial support, legal and medical support. We promote and support education for the vulnerable children in the community. We need to build a rescue center for rapid response to children and women and teenage mothers in distress.
In order for the women who are teenage mothers and widows to support their families, we train them and register them for micro finance and social business activities. With funding, they will be able to improve their income base through farming, trading and attending functional literacy classes.
We identify the women who need to be linked to social business in order to sustain their families. The Rongo community is patriarchal in nature giving no room for women and children to realize their rights. The widows suffer in silence, they have no voice and own nothing. Our intervention would like to bring a change in this scenario and provide them with a platform for expressing themselves, actualizing their needs and protecting themselves and their children for the overall improvement of the family. This will assist the community to begins appreciating the contribution of women in development. This project proposes to construct food stores for the women to store their produce to last them a whole season.