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Human Development Foundation

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Mercy Center was established 1973 by Director Father Joe Maier, C.Ss.R.
Core HDF programs:
- 33 Slum Preschools: Over 4,000 students/year
- Janusz Korczak School for Street Children: 25 students
- Education Sponsorships: Over 700 current sponsorships in Bangkok
Child Protection
- Four homes for orphans and one home for children living with HIV – 200 children
- Street Children Outreach – Protecting 100s of children living on the street
- Anti-trafficking and Legal Aid Centre – Over 500 cases/year
- Home for children living with HIV – 55 children
- HIV/AIDS Homecare – Over 400 patients
- AIDS Respite Hospice – 100 patients/year
- AIDS Outreach and Education – 10,000 people at high risk/year
Community Services
- Women’s Credit Union – Over 400 members
- Housing – Construction and repair of over 10,000 homes in past 20 years
- Emergency Assistance

We are a partnership with the poor: we work to help the children and communities in the many slums of Bangkok. Together with our neighbors in the slums, we create simple-but-progressive solutions that touch the lives of thousands of the poor every day. We build and operate schools, improve family health and welfare, protect street children's rights, combat the AIDS crisis, respond daily to emergencies, and offer shelter to street kids, to orphans, and to children and adults with AIDS - always together, hand in hand and heart to heart with the people we serve.

This organisation cooperates with the Maecenata Foundation:

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Thank You!

  J. Padorr  25. Mai 2011 um 07:22 Uhr

OOn behalf of all our kindergarten students, their parents, teachers, and community leaders, we wish to extend our most heartfelt thanks.



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