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Oceanomare Delphis Onlus

wird verwaltet von B. Mussi

Über uns

Oceanomare-Delphis Onlus (ODO) is a non-profit organization established to study and preserve cetaceans, and the ecosystems they inhabit, through knowledge, conservation and awareness actions.
ODO is the outcome of the fusion of two different Italian associations – Oceanomare and Delphis MDC – that had both successfully led research projects and conservation activities on cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea.
Sharing common views, actions and people, in 2010 Oceanomare and Delphis MDC decided to blend their effort, establishing a new, larger organization.
Oceanomare Delphis Onlus advances the science and practice of conserving cetaceans and marine biological diversity, implementing non-invasive studies, promoting education and conservation programs and enhancing public awareness of, and concern for, cetaceans and the marine environment.
ODO advocates for financial support of studies, scientific and conservation programmes and facilitates their dissemination through professional networking activities, educational opportunities, meetings, mass-media tools, scientific journals and other publications that meet the needs of researchers and practitioners.
ODO is an organization that believes the application of scientific knowledge to management and policy is essential for effective cetacean conservation. Greater understanding of links among science, management, and policy and better exchange of knowledge are necessary to conserve cetacean species and their habitats. Conservation practitioners and policy makers must participate in identifying issues that require new studies and clear translation and dissemination. A culture of sharing data and evaluation of management actions is necessary to build a common evidence base for future conservation actions on cetacean population.


Via G. Marinuzzi 74

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