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The people of Komatsi a farming village in the Eastern region of Ghana lack educational facilities. The children from the village have to travel over a distance of 12km on foot each day to attend school in the nearest town; Jumapo. This educational facility is also used by children from four (4) other villages around Jumapo. This situation exposes the children to truant behaviour since parents are unable to monitor the activities of the children because of the distance of the school from home and also because of overcrowding in the classrooms, teachers are unable to provide effective tutoring. Thus the children usually drop out of school before they complete the basic level to concentrate on farming which has immediate benefits for both the children and their parents. When the project is completed in Komatsi, it will benefit the children in the village as well as those from Monu, Ogome, Agboeti and Akumi 1 & 2 who as at now also have to rely on the school at Jumapo. Children in these five (5) villages will be able to have access to education up to at least the basic educational level and sit for their junior high examinations.


Eastern Region