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Children and young people

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Über uns

Reach Them Foundation (RTF) is an independent registered non-government and nonprofit civil society organization based at Meru-Arusha as headquarter. RTF prime motto is seed for salvation for children, youth in the society.
God has called us to make our ministries safe, protecting our children, youth and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation. God has also called us to create communities of faith where children, youth and vulnerable adults can be safe and grow strong.
In 2021 a group of educated, dynamic and like-minded youth working in the development sector, got together to establish an organization, for addressing the most urgent and pressing needs of the people of Tanzania. True to this spirit the organization was named Reach Them Foundation (RTF).
Considering their association with the development sector the group was cognizant of the plenty of problems plaguing the nation. Consequently, the organization’s focus was not kept limited either in terms of geography or sector.


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