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The Girls’ Support Foundation

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Support Girls with Educational Materials, feeding, clothing and Sanitary pads.
The Girls’ Support Foundation (GSF) protect women and girls’ from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation. It complements other rights that, interalia, ensure that girls receive protection they need in order to survive, develop and thrive. Women and girls are still vulnerable to discriminations which hinder the development of girls. GSF covers a wide range of important, diverse and urgent issues, many such as girl’s prostitution, violence in the home or in schools, social values, norms and traditions. We are working to prevent gender based violence and promote social and economic justice for the advancement of women and girls in our societies, communities and the nation at large. We shall empower young Gambian women in leadership and Mentorship skills and as well initiate developmental community base projects to support women and girls.


Friedrichsfelder Str. 3

Girls Support Foundation

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