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Über uns

Whether birds of prey, owls, hedgehogs or turtles, the OWL & BIRDS OF PREY RESCUE STATION Haringsee in Austria helps diverse wild animals in distress. Apart from offering first aid, the Haringsee team deals with the rearing, rehabilitation and release of owls and birds of prey. Animals that sadly can no longer be released into the wild due to health reasons, find a lifelong home at the sanctuary in an animal-friendly environment.

In 2019, OWL & BIRDS OF PREY RESCUE STATION Haringsee, run by FOUR PAWS since 2016, was able to help almost 2,000animals. Where possible, all the young owls and birds of prey were raised by foster parents of their species and 90 percent were released back into the wild. The sanctuary is the only care unit in Austria in which young bird foundlings can be raised by foster mothers of the same bird species, in other words, in a natural family group. In this way, the harmful consequences of hand-rearing can be avoided.


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