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"SENSE for deafblind people"

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Über uns

SENSE is the leading national charity that supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deafblind. We provide expert advice and information as well as specialist services to deafblind people, their families, carers and the professionals who work with them. We also support people who have sensory impairments with additional disabilities.

Our services
Our services include on-going support for deafblind people and families. These range from day services where deafblind people have the opportunity to learn new skills and Sense-run houses in the community – where people are supported to live as independently as possible. Our communicator-guides offer a vital lifeline to deafblind people living in their own homes. We also provide leading specialist advice, for example on education options and assistive technology.

Our vision, purpose and values
Our vision is of a world in which all deafblind children and adults can be full and active members of society.
Our purpose is to work in partnership with others – deafblind people, their families, carers and professionals – to ensure that everyone challenged by deafblindness or sensory impairment with other disabilities, has access to advice, opportunities and support.


101 Pentonville Road, London N1 9LG
N1 9LG
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