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Chernobyl Union of the Disabled Sviatoshynskyi dis

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Über uns

Non-governmental organization Union of the Disabled of Chernobyl, Sviatoshynskyi District, Kyiv - liquidators (aged 60 and over). Among war invalids and invalids - liquidators are chained to beds or wheelchairs, many cancer patients, after strokes, heart attacks and other diseases acquired in those tragic days of 1986 and the following years, when the fate of not only Ukraine was decided, but, apparently, also the whole planet. You can see about us on the Union's website: spilkachernobulja, and you can also see about us on the Facebook page: facebook.com/sergii.krasylnikov.
Knowing you as caring people, the Council of Commissioners of the organization urges you and your colleagues to take an active part in the charity event "For a Bright Day - do good deeds" on Holy Sunday before Easter during Lent, during which a pandemic epidemic of coronavirus, in Ukraine the extension of quarantine was announced from 24.02. on 30.04.2021 we ask you to provide all possible one-time financial assista



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