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Deutsch Connect

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Über uns

Deutsch Connect is a German based Afrocentric Startup that links African and German businesses through B2B Matchmaking, Market Linkages, Talent Acquisition and Investment. In 2021 i was chosen as one of 40 African and German young business leaders to accelerate economic cooperation between Africa and Germany by the German government. My focus is on education, vocational training and skills transfer.
Under or talent acquisition we are teaching German language to young Africans looking to work in Germany or for German companies in Africa under our #SmartMigration and #BrainGainNotBrainDrain initiative. We have taught over 100 students over the past year but more are willing to learn but cannot afford fees.
Partner with us to teach more young people and find placement for them as social year volunteers and apprenticeships


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Kumbirai Chipadza

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