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Hekima Tanzania

wird verwaltet von Rebecca Zak

Über uns

Hekima is a non profit organization in Bukoba (tanzania) that focus on children's and youth rights. We are fighting against child trafficking, by offering different support, like basic needs (temporary home, food, health, education) and also psychological training, where we are doing different projects that motivates and trains skills for the children and youth. We want to offer a brighter future to the young people living on the street. We want to motivate them to educate themself and offer the opportunity to experience a structured daily life including cooking, going to school, playing with others and don't use drugs or steal. Additionally we're doing the "smile project" where we are going to school and teach the students about sexual education, or gender equality and impacting with other skilled training . We want to support the students to improve their English and provide sexual transmitted diseases, like AIDS, or an unintentionally pregnancy.