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Educat is Danish NGO that is currently working in Kigali, Rwanda, setting up the Rwanda Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship. The mission for Rwanda Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship has evolved from the desire to provide significant positive change in by providing sustainable solutions within higher education. The goal is to form a unique framework allowing people to become strong, conscious and independent individuals with a mindset of a businessman and entrepreneur.

The institute will, amongst other initiatives, offer the Educat Diploma Programme - a 2 year programme aimed at developing change-makers for the Rwandan society.

There are two essential elements in Educat's activities to develop and ensure start-up of the Diploma Programme: Engage in partnerships with local institutions, companies and other organisations, and secure the necessary funds.
Educat is closing in on the finish line, but still needs economic support that can help secure the necessary to start up the Diploma Programme for Rwandan entrepreneurs and leaders that shall help create economic development in their country. At this point the development team needs funds that will ensure a teaching environment that supports the dynamic nature of the programme and primarily the creative entrepreneurial students of the Educat Diploma Programme.

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Educat/YES-Rwanda, Remera - Kisimenti, behind BEMS Duhange

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