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Students ,women and children ,youths

wird verwaltet von Saloum Sheriff Janko

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Artists in Alliance for Arts and Culture, is a non-profit making Organization based in the Gambia with aims and objectives to promote Arts and Culture ,Promote mutual understanding between different Cultures by means of collaborative programmes of Education, Tourism , Arts and culture for sustainable Development .
music and Culture, promoting Music (production and performance of music and related media such as music video) , cultural events such as festivals , Banquets ,Sports ,Games, films, and performance Art (such as concerts ,drama ,theatre.

This platform will provide timely in-depth report about the students, artists through online also promoting Tourism and culture as well,
A country without culture will be meaningless in addition to its intrinsic value; Culture provides important social and economic benefits. With improved learning and health ,increased tolerance ,and opportunities to come together with others, culture enhance s our quality of life


Tallinding Medina
Serekunda,The Gambia

Saloum Sheriff Janko

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