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Kampala Kids Orphanage

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Über uns

Kampala Kids is a Community Based Organization located in mbale district,Uganda East Africa.

The Ministry was started in 2015 by the director Mr. Kasoma Fredrick who was with a similar background like that of many of the orphans with a burning desire of empowering lives of orphans, the elderly, single mothers and the lame.

Mr. Fredrick grew without knowing how parents love feels like, slept on streets, spent days without food, abused and other sorts of ways that could lower someone emotionally and physically after the death of his parents from a killer disease HIV/AIDS. Just as you know God is always so good to his people, Kasoma Fredrick was later adopted in a Christian Organization which was helping orphans and he was fed, given health care and Educated.

When he was done with his life in the Charity Christian Organization, he started farming on a small scale as a source of income. Later he realized that there were more kids who are like or passing through the condition


Soroti Rd
mbale Uganda

Kasoma Fredrick

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