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MI4People ist eine gemeinnützige Organisation, die erforscht wie neuartige Machine Intelligence (MI) Technologien wie z.B. Künstliche Intelligenz, Machine Learning und Data Science das Gemeinwohl stärken und zur Lösung humanitärer und ökologischer Probleme beitragen können.

Wir bei MI4People arbeiten mit anderen gemeinnützigen Organisationen, Forschungseinrichtungen und Freiwilligen zusammen, um diese Technologien für das Gemeinwohl nutzbar zu machen.

Da aktuell die digitale Revolution immer weiter auf dem Vormarsch ist und unsere Gesellschaft nachhaltig verändert, wollen wir sicherstellen, dass auch der gemeinnützige Sektor von intelligenten Algorithmen profitiert. Daher erforschen und entwickeln wir gemeinsam mit NPOs/NGOs, Forscher:innen und Expert:innen Lösungswege und MI-Anwendungen, die dabei helfen, die ökologischen und humanitären Probleme dieser Welt effektiver und effizienter zu bewältigen.

Letzte Projektneuigkeit

End-of-Year Review 2021

  Dr. Paul Springer  23. Januar 2022 um 15:31 Uhr

An exciting and challenging year lies behind us. Between the development of the idea for MI4People in the summer 2020 and the final founding of our non-profit organization in September 2021, we faced a lot of planning, challenges and bureaucratic hurdles, some of which almost drove us to despair. But we stuck to the conviction that we want to change something in this world and want to help disadvantaged people as best as we can with the help of Machine Intelligence (MI). All these challenges made us even more aware of how important the topic and this organization are for us and now we are more convinced than ever to stand up for MI4 People. 

But all this effort would be useless without the help of supporters! Without donations or support on social media, we could not survive in the long run.

That's why we want to say a big thank you to all our supporters! Their help allowed us to cover initial expenses and encouraged us to continue. 

Meanwhile, our first AI-based project – with which we want to contribute to fight against hunger – is already running. It utilizes satellite data for a specific region to predict important soil quality factors and uses this information to provide farmers with insights on how to cultivate their fields in the best possible way. This application will be able to predict which fruits will be the most suitable and productive this year, how they need to be fertilized and the best way to care for them. In particular, small farmers in developing regions will benefit from our system since they usually have no access to expensive lab tests that could evaluate the quality factors of their soil. Thus, our system will help avoid harvest losses and stabilize food supply chains in developing countries. 

A very first Proof of Concept of our system already exists. It takes coordinates of a location in Africa as input and predicts the content value for organic carbon in the soil. Of course, this application needs to be developed further and there is still a lot of work to be done. But the first big step has already been taken! 

Currently, three Machine Intelligence experts are working on this project as volunteers. Four further volunteers are active in the administration and management. We are also in contact with a few other volunteers who advise and support us and are available for further projects. We recently started featuring the faces behind MI4People on Facebook and LinkedIn. Feel free to visit our social media pages and get to know us better.  

All in all, we proudly look back on 2021 and look forward to the tasks and challenges that lie ahead us in 2022!  

We would appreciate your support in 2022 very much! Please also share our non-profit organization and our mission with your friends and network and/or support us on social media.  

Let us together make the world a better place for all of us.   

Many Thanks 

Your MI4People team 



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