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F.Kreis des Verbands syrischer Journalisten e.V.

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“Study is a right for all journalists”
Help Syrian journalists and activists to complete their university studies. They are “guardians of democracy”

The Syrian Journalists Association works to support and qualify Syrian journalists who were not able to complete their studies due to war and displacement. It signed a memorandum of understanding with the Higher School of Journalism and Communication in Paris in 2021, through which these journalists can continue their higher studies.
Today, through the auxiliary association of the Syrian Journalists Association in Germany, we are launching the "Study is a right for all journalists" campaign to collect donations for these journalists to continue their studies after they were unable to pay the tuition fees despite the fact that it was reduced by half by the High School of Journalism in Paris.

who are we:
The Syrian Journalists Association (SJA) is the most prominent professional union gathering produced by the Syrian protests.


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