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Helping Belarusians for Democracy

wird verwaltet von Siamion Krutolevich

Über uns

We are fighting for democracy.

Our mission is to collect information, carry out journalistic investigations, disclose facts about unlawful actions of Lukashenko’s regime (Lukashenko heads an authoritarian government, and has often been referred to by media outlets as "Europe's last dictator."), publish them in the world mass media and send official applications for processing of these cases to the international law enforcement. We are collecting the base of the regime’s criminals. https://narodny-tribunal.info/en/

Project team members had to quit their regular jobs in favour of the Project and leave their families in order to keep the close ones safe. Since August 2020, all team members have been living and working at their own expenses.

We are asking people for help!

Help us to raise money for housing and food in Poland, so we can continue our work.
Now it becomes especially difficult and we decided to turn to Crowdfunding.

Thank you very much.
God bless you!



Siamion Krutolevich

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