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Über uns

springteens is a non-government organisation found in Uganda, East Africa.
Spring Teenage mothers project is an upcoming project in Kampala, Uganda. The NGO is started by stud.cand.mag. in development anthropology Linda Mugisha and social worker and trauma counsellor Denis Mugisha.

The goal is, to care for teenagemothers and their children in Uganda’s capital. There is a big need, course as the culture is being westernized, many teenagers gets a more free view on sex, but as the older generation isn’t willing to accept that, they cant bring their newborns home, so they’ll end up without any home.

We want to give them a home!
It is important to us to make a total help, and we don’t believe in “just” a home. Our NGO, off course, care for their basic needs such as shelter and food, but we do way more than that.
The teenagers will have their own individual plan for schooling as we look at their dreams and capabilities. They will have a nanny to take care of their babies while they are studying. They will have medical check up every month, be tolled about reproductive rights, get a strong social network and some economic saving for their future.

As evening activities we will teach about hygiene and feeding of a baby. We will have days where we tell about HIV, safe sex, and other topics of reproductive rights.
Or eveningactivities could be making different handcraft and with that activity, thy will be kept busy and focused and being creative.

We are not sanctuary but rather we help facilitate the teenage mothers so that they can acheive the dreams they had before they got pregnant.
we primariry offer them an opportunity to rejoin school and the chance to persue a career path of there dream.
We therefore ask you for your kind will help us pay school fees, food and medical care for these teenagers and babies in need!



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