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Fundacion VIDECO

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Über uns

The Foundation for Life and Community Development VIDECO is a nonprofit organization aimed at Pro consulting, development and rights of citizens. Always lacking in the singular or collective interest of the local and national care poor people, the opportunities because of lack of education, money, ignorance and lack of access to information and technology.

The Foundation aims at the development, justice and democracy in this country to create the quality of life in Colombia for disadvantaged groups beitragen.Formel projects, social inclusion and performs the same basic vision of an altruistic, energetic measures, current and innovative social exclusion , poverty, displacement, violence, corruption, illiteracy, environmental degradation and lack of dignity of many people against social and economic needs, discriminated against.

The Foundation is constantly searching the support and cooperation of the community to show that social projects are an excellent model management, administrative and managerial response to the indifference and inertia of immersion in a country in poverty and social inequality.And encourage businesses and citizens with a real sense of social responsibility to enable a healthy growth and self-sufficient to an equitable society, the work of joy, peace and quiet.


Calle 60a No 5-54, Chapinero

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