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Unique Friends Humanitarian and Development Organi

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Über uns

Unique Friends Humanitarian and Development Organization (UNIFHUDO) initially started as Unique Friends Association (UFA) in 2003 in Bamenda and was formally registered in 2008. UNIFHUDO is a non governmental organization in Cameroon with the Head Quarters in Bamenda. It consists of a circle of unique friends who want to relief suffering, respect individual opinion and work towards a durable and sustainable development. This organization was founded in 2003 and is registered under the Cameroon government with the Reg. No. 0054/E29/1111/Vol.8/APPB in August 2008.It is apolitical, non racist, non religious and a non profit making organization. The evolution of the organization can be seen as follows.
It started its activities with a clinic. Over the years, UNIFHUDO’s focus has been on the development of poor and vulnerable groups (Children, Women, disable etc). Its activities have diversified in the fields of women’s literacy, formal school education, non-formal education, rural employment, income generating skills, community health and awareness Programmes on various social issues. The NGO is working in rural as well as urban areas of the Northwest Region.
UNIFHUDO have received support from several donor organizations as well as from individuals. Its formal education program has been supported by sponsorships for children from a network of individual supporters. With major donors in the USA and Spain
Our Mission:
Link up where gaps are crated for one reason or the other to improve lives, reduce poverty and empower people, through dialogue and the respect of human dignity. Without exerting too much pressure on our environment and enabling each and everyone to meet their fullest potential, irrespective of gender, social status or tribe


Sonac street

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