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Über uns

Our Plan is to drive from Berlin to Venezia end of March and start of April, by bike. Not in a straight line though, but via passing several cities. The route we planed is from Berlin – Dresden – Praha – Vienna – Graz – Venezia, this route adds up to 1327 km exactly. It runs over the Alps for big chunks of the route, this will make things a bit harder, but we are determined to do it. This is only the first part of our plan though, due to the support we get from a&o we have the means to share this trip and reach out to a bigger range of people, we want to raise 1300 $ in order to plant 1300 trees. Basically we want to drive for an eco-friendly cause with the mission of planting 1 tree per km we drive. After this long time of lock down for everyone we just want to show how important and easy it is to get out and exceed our limits. It’s important to keep on caring about the environment and not to fall into the environmental jojo effect after the crisis.


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