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Agency for Rural and Urban Development (ARUD)

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Über uns

Agency for Rural and Urban Development (ARUD) is a community based organization (CBO) established in April 2006 to champion community socio-economic development. ARUD is legally registered by Kasese District local government (Community based services department) and Kasese District Development Network (KADDE – NET); and a member of Mubuku -Nyamwamba water users Association (MUNY-WUA). It is located within the communities we serve in order to ensure effective service delivery. In this regard, our focus is directed towards inclusive development and enhancement of community livelihoods.

To see a healthy and poverty free society fully empowered and broadened with knowledge taking responsibility to economically and environmentally use their natural resources

To strengthen community oriented development processes that will spearhead grass root stake holders to generate skills and knowledge on resources for equitable and sustainable fostering of families’ socio- economic.


Ibanda 11 Cell, Ibanda Central Ward, Ibanda -Kyany

Masereka Godfrey Kikumbwa

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