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Express Wildlife Rescue & Rehab, INC

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Über uns

Hello & welcome to Express Wildlife Rescue. My name is Andrea, and along with the help of my volunteers, I run a not-for-profit wildlife organization based in Perth, Western Australia.

We rescue & rehabilitate injured and sick wildlife, releasing them back into the wild when strong and healthy. Sometimes they are just too sick, and they have to be re homed with long-term loving foster carers who continue to look after them.

Many of our animals come to us in a poor condition. Often malnourished, sick or injured, we provide them with veterinary care and 24 hour love and support, so they make a fast recovery.

We specialize in looking after orphaned kangaroos & possums, wild birds and reptiles and we can attend a number of call outs everyday to sick or injured animals.


10901B West Swan Road

Express Wildlife Rescue

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