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Wamulu International

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Über uns

Wamulu International is a Kenyan registered Voluntary non-profit organisation based in Bungoma South district, Western Province of Kenya. Wamulu International’s mission is to alleviate poverty, distress and avoidable suffering of children, women and other vulnerable groups/persons and families in the community and in turn secure lasting improvements quality of life. Wamulu aim to do this by increasing agriculture incomes, promoting and harnessing the capacity of both individuals and groups to achieve sustainable development and attain better livelihoods through education, trainings, research and consultancy. We introduce market led productivity enhancing, eco-friendly and sustainable technologies and practices. We encourage rural families by offering self-employment through agricultural related activities, savings and credit opportunities to the poor.

Wamulu is a signatory to the Amsterdam Affirmation and is a GODAN partner committed to open data in agriculture and nutrition.


P.O. Box 170-50109