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Project Tres ist ein soziales Projekt zur Förderung der wirtschaftlichen und finanziellen Unabhängigkeit von Frauen in Indien und Kenia. Durch unsere gezielten Bildungsprogramme und Handwerksausbildungen helfen unsere Frauen aktiv bei der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung der Gemeinschaft. Wir glauben, dass Bildung, fairer Handel und Nachhaltigkeit der Schlüssel zur Schaffung neuer lebensverändernder, wirtschaftlicher und sozialer Möglichkeiten ist.

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We received a payout of €2,567.46

  Carla Maria De Souza  12. Juni 2024 um 14:21 Uhr

Hello dear supporter, 

Here are some updates on what we have been doing lately, and what comes next:

We have managed to update our website with all our annual reports in it since our foundation in 2020. There you can see in-depth our work, approach, impact, and plans for the future (in the report from 2023) Here is the link to check it out In Kenya, we managed to offer monthly compensation to another member of our team making her responsible for keeping our center in Nairobi clean and organized, increasing Linda's salary (our local leader), helping with postnatal financial support for one of our members for 3 months, and provide rent support to 2 women in need.   In India, we have 11 members being paid monthly, and we have a super exciting new program coming to life completely run by them, where the women in Goa are teaching other women from the local community handcraft skills and talking to them about their work with Project Tres. This new program provides the possibility to increase the income of the women already in the organization (since they are paid for the sessions), as well as impacting a larger number of women.  The results have been super positive, with the ones teaching sharing how much they feel valued and respected, and the recipients feeling interested in our work, wondering if they could continue the engagement with us later on, as well as grateful to hear so many inspiring stories from women coming from their community.  This upcoming month is time for us to pay the school fees in India, so the funds we are withdrawing now will go for that purpose, as well as the needs described in each donation category.  Thank you so so much for your support and trust, and please check our new website for further information and for the annual reports, we are super proud of them <3

big hugs, 


(Photos from 07/06/2024 - latest workshop to 15 women in Goa, India) 


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Carla Maria De Souza

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